Iphone X or Kidney? All about Iphone X | My opinions

I bet you have found the title a little bit funny. It’s something unusual on this site. As you all are well aware that recently Apple launched its three brand new Iphones. Iphone 8, Iphone 8+ & Iphone X (10). Apple did two strange things here. First, it broke it’s tradition of launching the ‘S’ and the ‘S+’ series. By Apple’s tradition. the Iphone 8 and the Iphone 8+ ought to be named Iphone 7s & Iphone 7s+ accordingly. And the second strange thing Apple did was it skipped the Iphone 9 and launched Iphone X directly before launching its Iphone 9 series. Well, Today in this article I will be discussing about the new Iphone X, which is the Iphone 10. What are the main highlights of Iphone X? What are its other specifications? The price at which it is available. And my honest views upon this new Iphone X. So, read this article completely.

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