Benifits of Reading a good Book

Benefits of reading a Good Book?

You must have come across the line that “Books are man’s best friend”. Rightly said, they are the man’s best friend. Any problem can be solved or any goal can be achieved by reading a good book. A good book can change anyone’s life drastically. But as a good book is of a million worth, likewise a bad book can change one’s prospective of seeing the world negatively. Here in this article, I want to share my opinions about the benefits of reading a good book. And also on how a good book can make you successful in your life and help you to live your life better.

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Differences between a ‘Good Book’ & a ‘Bad Book’

Before moving further in the article, I want to differentiate between a ‘Good Book’ and a ‘Bad Book’. What do you mean by a Good Book and a Bad Book? How can you differentiate between these two? The answer is simple. Any Book which gives you any sort of information which is beneficial for you is considered as a good book. While those books, which are of no use to you or provide you wrong or improper information come into the category of Bad Books.

Benefits of reading a Good Book

A good book is helpful for you in various ways. Some benefits that you can get from them are :

  1. Box of knowledge : This is the most important aspect of reading a good book. You can get knowledge regarding different things. It depends upon the book you have chosen. From the current affairs to the sports. From the politics to anything happening around the world. You can gain a boxful of knowledge on every field from the Good Books.
  2. Personality Development : It is found on a study that Books have helped a lot in the Personality Development on a person. So, Books play a vital role in an all-round development of a person.
  3. Helps in Time-Management : A good book can engage you in it and prevents your precious time from being wasted.
  4. Teach you Sophistication & Manners : How big or rich a man would be but, if he lacks proper manners and etiquettes, he is no more than a thing to be ignored. A book here plays an important role in auto-importing these qualities into you.
  5. Broaden your Thinking Power : A good book can broaden your thinking strength to a great extent. Anything you have studied in the books can be implemented in daily life situations if you want to do. In short, it gives you a variety of ideas over a particular topic.

A Good Book can change your life

There are several benefits of reading a good book. There are several live examples around the world whose life got changed after reading a Good book. The top leaders from the world always give their credit of success to a Book. Remember, “The Pen is mightier than the Sword”. The greatest changes in the world are made possible by reading a Good Book.

With my experience of reading so many Books, I must say to you that, If you found yourself in any problem then, there must be a solution for it. And for every solution there lies a book. So, ultimately books can help you handle any problem in your life. That’s all about the benefits of reading a good book.

At last I only want to say that you must read some good books which are referred by your ideals. It will definitely help you in your life. If you find this article helpful, please share it with your friends and feel free to comment below. You can check our other articles here.

Thanks for reading!!!

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21 thoughts on “Benefits of reading a Good Book?

  1. I think a good book also makes our vocabulary and expressions grow, so it makes us change our way of speaking to a more correct one.

  2. Nice article. The font is large enough if it is in gray scale.

    It has intrinsic value which kids of today may not have appreciated. I have always been a reader since I was young and I know how enlightening books are. They definitely serve a better purpose than hanging out with friends spending the entire day fruitlessly.

    Keep it up.

  3. You’re right, men’s best friends are books, not anyhow book but that which motivates them to move and overcome certain obstacles, obstacles can come in different dimension could either love, business or generating ideas. Bad book has it’s own influence because when you digest it’s content, it leads you wrong when trying to practice what you read. But the question is how do we know bad books?

  4. We can totally relate to your post, books are a true companion. We are in process of building a libaray for ourselves at home. Hope to grow bigger and better with our collection.

  5. I am an avid reader. And I can totally agree with the points you listed. It’s not just about reading, but one should choose the good books as you mentioned their benefits

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