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 The very first mistake which most of the beginners do is selecting an inappropriate wordpress hosting for their blog. Hosting which is not needed for your blog is of no use. My advice for the beginners is that to go only for that hosting service which is appropriate for your site and its content. A shared hosting plan is best for any beginner as it is not much expensive and cost less than 50% as compared to other managed hosting services.

   Choosing a best hosting service is surely a difficult task for a beginner. Lack of knowledge on this field adds to the problem and takes anyone towards selecting an appropriate hosting services and plans. So, here on this blog I have some top-tested hosting services for you which will help you to select a plan accomodable to you.

   But, before showing you the list of hosting services, I want to tell you about which hosting plan to choose with an example. Let, you have a website which has monthly visits of not more than 10,000. For this site, you may get any hosting in about $4/ mo. But, you are opting the hosting plan which is basically made for sites having about 100,000 visitors per month. Definitely it will cost you more. So, the point is to choose that plan only which suits best for your site.


   Now, here follows the list of wordpress hosting sites which are used by millions of wordpress users worldwide. These sites are verified and recommended by the top most bloggers in the world.

Best WordPress Hosting Services

  1. Bluehost : Bluehost provides the guaranteed cheapest hosting in the hosting industry. It is the topmost recommended wordpress hosting site. Their plans are as low as $2.95/ mo. It is suitable for any newbie. You can buy it from here for more discount.
  2. Godaddy hosting : Besides giving a best value domain name, Godaddy also provides cheapest web hosting. The thing which makes it different from other hosting sites is that it provides hosting plan for 1 month too. So, if anyone wants to test wordpress blog he may choose a plan of one month in the cheapest price of $3.80/ mo. 
  3. InMotion hosting : InMotion Hosting has a big name in the hosting services market. It can be a best option for people residing in U.S.A. Their plans start at $3.45/ mo.

These are the topmost wordpress hosting companies which offers best and inexpensive plans to the costumers.

Other than the mentioned hosting sites you may check Hostgator, Dreamhost, Hostmonster and Siteground too.

I hope this article may help you choosing the best hosting services and plans for your site! You may check our other posts here.

Thanks for reading!!!

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11 thoughts on “Best WordPress Hosting services for Blog

  1. I chose blue host as my first web hosting. Went smooth and the controls are self explanatory. I love the discounts and extra features

  2. I use bluehost too had no problems so far and working with WordPress is just great. Had a lot to learn and still do but I enjoy it

  3. Hey, Nitin! Thanks for these tips. I do wish I had done more research on options before buying my domain name…I pay too much per month, but I’m not sure how wise it is to change the host several months into blogging. Any thoughts or advice? Appreciate it!

  4. Do not get afraid to spread your thoughts. Do you have any video of that? You have a lot of knowledge on this subject. You are absolutly a pro. You have a good head on your shoulders.

  5. It is really a shock you do not have a larger following. When I started my lap top this page was already loaded. Your blog is absolutely on point! You remind me of my uncle.

  6. I shared this on LinkedIn. I really love your writing style and how well you express your thoughts. You are more fun than bubble wrap. Could you tell us more about this topic?

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