Which plateform is better for beginners? Youtube or Blogging?

Hey guys, what’s up? Many youngsters face a dilemma about which plateform is better for them to make some income for them and which can give them assurance about their future. Youtube or Blogging?

Many youtube channels are created everyday and closed down. So, does the blogging websites. This is because

youth wants to become millionaire in few days.

Now the question arises : Can anyone become rich in few days by these above mentioned sites?

The simple answer is NO. Anyone can’t become rich in a few days. It needs a lot of patience, hard work and devotion towards your work to be successful in it. The same rule applies here too. Yes, you can definitely be successful here and also can earn a good amount of money but if you want to be that in just one day or two day, it’s impossible. You have to give some time and after that you will see positive results.

How much time is needed to earn your first income?

Actually this depends totally on your quality of content and of course your luck. The no. of clicks you get on the ads on your site generate your income. If you are a youtuber, then I suggest you to increase your watchtime. If you make a long video between 10-15 minutes then, there are more chances to get more than two ads on the video. And when it comes to blogging, your content is all that matters. If it is good enough to attract the visitors, then your revenue will be increased automatically.

Basically for a beginner, it may takes up to 4-5 months minimum to get his first income. But if you are an expert in SEO and your content is adorable then you can earn a good amount of money even in your first month.

What is CPC? Which site gives higher CPC rate?

Guys, CPC is a term which stands for cost per click. The ads shown on your site have a specific rate. You will earn good money if anyone clicks on your ad with higher cpc rate as compared to that of lower cpc rate. In youtube, it varies from 0.01 – 0.05. But in websites, it has a higher rate. In it, the rate can be as high as $100. So, it’s all your luck.

I think this will give you a rough idea about the two plateforms and now you can decide which is better for you as a beginner, Youtube or Blogging.

Hope you like this article! Stay tuned for such more interesting articles.

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  1. I recently started to monetize my young blog with infolinks ads and yes, i don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight so im working on it and giving it time to grow. Thanks for sharing this.

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