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Can anyone track mobile phone without SIM?

The Mobile phone is the need of the era. Life without the mobile phone cannot be imagined now. It’s a part of our daily life.But what will happen if your phone got stolen or you lost it somewhere? Obviously you will run here and there to search your phone. But, what will you do if you are not be able to find it out? Is there any other way to find it out?

Can anyone track mobile phone without SIM in it?

Well, yes. You can find your phone even if the SIM card is changed or took out of the phone. It is by the IMEI number of your phone. IMEI stands for the International Mobile Equipment Identity. It is written on the box of the phone and is unique for every device. With the help of this IMEI number you are able to get your phone back.

What to do if someone stole your device?

If someone stole your phone, you can ask the police for help and tell them your IMEI number. Also by this IMEI number the last location when your phone was online with the SIM card in it can be achieved. The experts can track down your phone using a cell tower triangulation method. It is process to narrow down the area of using the cellphone. So, the area of use of device is found by testing the signals at different angles. This will definitely help you to get back your mobile phone.

Can the IMEI number be changed?

Although the IMEI number is hardly encrypted and unique for different devices, it is practically possible to change it. There are many Coders who can do this. So, without wasting any time immediately rush to the police centres and tell them your problem otherwise you will never be able to get your phone back.

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