What is Domain and Web Hosting in Internet?

 Hey Guys, what’s up? Have you got any queries regarding domain and web hosting ? So, guys you are at the right place. Today I’m gonna show you the difference between domain and web hosting.

Are domain and web hosting the same things?

   You have heard of different websites like facebook.com, google.co.in, media.net, 

etc. These are the domains of the websites. The domain name in particular is the name of the website. For an example, in http://www.blog4youth.com, blog4youth.com is my domain. It is necessary to have a good and mouth sticky domain name to increase your website traffic.

Where to buy a domain name?

There are many websites which provides this facility to purchase a domain according to your will. Some of the well known websites are Godaddy.com, bigrock.in, hostgator.in, etc. Domain can be purchased as low as $2 or Rs. 99 per year. 

How to decide a domain name?

 You can take any domain name as per the availability of the domain name in .com, .net, .in or .online as per your choice. I suggest you to buy the .com domain due to the popularity of these domains. You should keep in mind the purpose for which you are buying the domain like if you buying it for sharing personal columns, then you can take your name as the domain name. If you are making a blog or tech news or simply for commercial purposes then, you should select the domain according to your field of choice. 

   Remember, your domain should not be long, hard to remember or meaningless. It should be as short as possible and must have a hidden meaning in it. The domain gives a rough idea to the people about your website. So, give the utter importance in selecting the name.

What to do after buying the domain?

Domain buying is not the only thing to do. After buying a proper domain name, you need a web hosting to make and edit your website. Hosting is like giving a shape and structure with proper designs and themes to the website. Your domain is of no use until you provide a web hosting to it. There are several sites present in the internet market from where you can purchase a web hosting for your domain. Its cost varies according to the plans selected. The basic price starts from as low as $4 or Rs. 250 per month. Some of the top sites providing web hosting are hostgator.in, godaddy.com, bluehost.in, etc.

  Hurray! Your website is ready. You can now publish your post and can also enable monetization by Google Adsense (If you want to).

That’s all about the domain and web hosting . You can also check my other articles related to blog and online earning. 

I hope you like the article! Stay tuned for more interesting topics.

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4 thoughts on “What is Domain and Web Hosting in Internet?

  1. Hi Narayan,

    Loved the way you distinguished between a domain and web hosting. The domain being the website where all the web pages and their content is kept.

    The web host being the place where this website physically resides.

    Great idea sharing the names of good quality domain name re-sellers like, GoDaddy, Bigrock, HostGator and others.

    It would have been a big help if these names were links that took a reader to each site.
    The domain gives a rough idea to the people about your website. So, give the utter importance in selecting the name.

    Yes. What you’ve said is so true. Your domain name should give people a clear hint at what your website delivers.

    Rounding off by explaining after purchasing a domain one must create a website is a nice touch.

    Thanks for sharing Narayan. Appreciated it.

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