Earning money with Amazon affiliate program in 2017

   Earning money with Amazon affiliate program in 2017

 Affiliate Marketing is one of the oldest and consistent way of online earning. What if someone says, he make $100/ month? Would you believe? But the reality is that you can make it or even higher by Affiliate program of Amazon.

   Unlike google adsense, it has not pay per click system. Here you can earn money only if someone buy any product by your referred link.

Complete procedure of applying to amazon affiliate program

 What you have to do is to get registered with amazon affiliate program. For it, you should have a google mail account. You have to provide your basic details as well as your banking details.

Earning money with Amazon affiliate program in 2017

   After having logged in, you can search any product whose link you want to show on your website. You can make a link or even show the ads on your site. For it, follow the steps given below :

1. Search any product of your choice.

2. Choose the product your the results.

3. Click on get link on the right side of the product.

4. Now you can select either text link or image link as per your choice.

5. Copy the generated HTML code down there.

6. If the code is of text only, you can paste it anywhere. On your FB wall, youtube account, website or even send it as a message.

7. But, if the code is in image format then you can place it on your website or blog.

That’s all you have to do.

If you find some more information about Amazon Affiliate program then, you can check the bestselling ebook on Amazon Affiliate. This will definitely help you.

How it all works?

   Anyone clicking on your links will automatically be redirected to the Amazon website. If the person buy anything from there, then you will get the commission as per their norms. The commission varies from 1% to 12%. So, isn’t it a good way to make money and that’s even without any investment.

Earning money with Amazon affiliate program in 2017

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  1. Affiliate marketing is a big topic. Nice you are able to write about Amazon affiliate marketing. Really it takes considerable time to start making money. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Always want to do affiliate marketing but I’m giving it some more time before I do i want to grow my audience first this is helpful for me going forward soon to affiliate marketing

  3. Hey, Nitin! Wow, your post on affiliate marketing is really helpful. I appreciate you breaking it down for me…makes it sound like something I can do without tooooo much time. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I’ve heard many reports on how confusing it can be to get started. This useful guide should make the process easier.

  5. Amazon also has a great program for non profits we use called Amazon smile where a percentage of the entire purchase goes to the organization

  6. Yes affiliate marketing can be really profitable. I’ve heard a lot of testimonies from those who engage in it. I tried applto amazon affiliate some time back but my application couldn’t complete. I’m going to try again though.

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