Entrepreneur - a bright future ahead

Entrepreneurship – A bright future ahead

We all have come across a word ‘Entrepreneur’ once in our life. I bet you all have heard about Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata and many more Entrepreneurs in India. But, do you know the real meaning of Entrepreneur? Who an Entrepreneur is and what are the conditions for Entrepreneurship? So, today in this article you will get to know what an Entrepreneur is and how you can gain success in the field of Entrepreneurship.

What is an Entrepreneurship?

This is a topic of debate for many years about the real meaning of the word ‘Entrepreneur’. Most of the success masters express this term as an independent job. It means if you are doing some work under yourself and only you are getting the direct benefit of that work, then you are termed as an ‘Entrepreneur’. In other words, working for yourself is said to be Entrepreneurship.

While, the other group of people describe it as a job in which you are a leader and an innovator as well. Both the explanations have different meaning. But considering both of them we get the meaning of Entrepreneur as below :

“An Entrepreneur is a person which innovates some idea and work over it as a leader and take risks to make that idea successful”.

Entrepreneur – Someone different from the world


   Remember, taking risk is not an easy task. But, to do something different, you have to take risk. The greatest revolutions are made possible only by a spark. It is a small spark which burns the whole forest. It was only a small idea which made people like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg successful. They were also a common man. They could too lived an ordinary life and worked like others 9 to 5. But, they took risks. They worked on their idea. The idea that everyone can think of. But the thing that make them stand separate from others is that they worked on their idea and make themselves a brand. That’s the beauty of Entrepreneurship!

Can we all become an Entrepreneur?

Now, after reading the paragraphs above, most of you have a question arise on your mind. ‘Can we all become an Entrepreneur?’ or ‘How to become an Entrepreneur?’

With no doubt, the answer is “Yes”. You all can become an Entrepreneur. But, for that you have to convince yourself for some things discussed below :

  1. Ask yourself if you are ready enough to face difficulties in your life.
  2. Are you ready to take risks which may even take down your current job?
  3. Do you have any legit idea in your mind which you think might turn you down into a successful Entrepreneur?
  4. Do you have enough money to work upon your idea?
  5. Are you able to work upon the same idea consistently even after facing some failures?

If you are ready to work on the above expressed problems then, congratulations! You are working on the good path. If not, then you may search for other jobs.

How good an Entrepreneurship is as a Career?

It is no doubt that the best ideas get the best salaries in the world. If it comes to office working, the employee who works the hardest gets the best salary. And in the field of Entrepreneurship, where you are your own boss, it is no doubt that you will be the one to earn the biggest amount of money. It totally depends upon the idea which you generate and the efforts you put to make it successful, how much you can get from it. If your idea is successful, you can be among the topmost Entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates. And if your idea is not that much successful, even then you have the happiness of having your own boss ( which most of the employees can only dream of ). So, it is up to you how you treat it.

Is the traditional 9-5 job of no use?

By explaining the term ‘Entrepreneur’ I am in no way saying that the traditional or the general 9-5 job is useless. Think what will happen if all the people become become an Entrepreneur in themselves. There would be no one to work under them. Then, what would the benefit of innovating the idea if you have not certain people or team to work for you? So, the basic 9-5 job is essential too to balance the relationship between these two streams. Entrepreneurship is only for them who think they can innovate some idea and lead the community for the betterment of the society.

At last…

At last I want to say that everyone is an Entrepreneur in himself. But it is hidden somewhere in his mind clashing with the thoughts whether to ignite the spark or not. The spark that can enlighten the whole world. So, leave behind the fear of failure, ponder over any idea, work over it in small steps and feel the success.

That’s all about the term ‘Entrepreneur’. I hope you like the article. If you have any queries or want to put your views, feel free to use the comment section. You can find my other articles below.

Thanks for reading!!!

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32 thoughts on “Entrepreneurship – A bright future ahead

  1. You are right sir , entrepreneurship not only involves a great risk but an open opportunity to take it and make a story of yours.

  2. Advantage of being an entrepreneur, you can get creative and be the boss. Till you reach a stable position there is a lot of hard work involved… Nice write up!!

  3. Young people should really get a good insight… and understanding of whats involved in becoming an entrepreur. Alot of them need access to this blog. I work in a college so i know alot of them are lost in what they would like to do.

  4. I like your points here. Being an entrepreneur is definitely not for the weak hearted but it surely is a great way leave a 9 to 5 or just start building some passive income until you are comfortable with the amount. Thanks for sharing.

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