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Event Blogging| Earning in short time with Event Blogging

Event Blogging. Have you heard this phrase before? If no, then I am gonna show you how important this phrase is and how you can earn a big amount of money from it within a short time. There are thousands of people who just depend on the event Blogging and earn thousands of dollars in no time. Today, I will tell you what event blogging is and how you can earn a good money out of it in little time. So, read this article completely.

What is Event Blogging?

Most of the readers are well aware of this term ‘Event Blogging’. But those who don’t know about this I want to tell them it is one type of blogging which is done considering any particular event. It is a micro-niche blogging in which only an event is considered. The whole blog revolves around that particular event. Like Deepawali is an upcoming event, so if you search the keyword ‘Happy Deepawali’ on search engines, you will find different websites offering information about Deepawali. This websites or blogs are particularly made for that event like here is the case ‘Happy Deepawali’.

The author or owner of these blogs starts his preparation about a month before the event and writes sufficient content with appropriate content and is able to rank his site to the first page of Google. On doing so, he is able to earn a good sum of money. I can tell you this with proper calculations below.

Suppose, you are able to rank your website on Google’s first page with any keyword like “Happy Deepawali”, for example. Considering Deepawali a huge festival of India, the average searches for this keyword be about 100K for a week around Deepawali. So, if we just say about 4-5 lakh (minimum) page visits you get within a week of this festival then you can imagine how much you can earn from your one month old website with the Event Blogging. Now I think you have understood the importance of Event Blogging.

Things to be considered for Event Blogging

Before going for event blogging you have to keep some things in your mind. The list of things for an event blog is given below :

  1. A Blog : You must have a blog for doing the Event Blogging. This is the first and necessary condition for event blogging. As event blogging is just like another sort of blogging you need to make a new blog on any platform like Blogger. Choose your domain name a keyword in itself. Like for the above case ‘happydeepawali.com’ or any other similar looking name is good. Also, you can take a TLD domain for better chances of ranking high in Google.
  2. Focus on the Event : As your blog is on any particular event, so keep in mind that you should gather as much information as you can about that event. For event blogging, your event should be that which can give you about 50K-100K page views minimum. Also choose that event on which there is higher chance of ranking on Google. Note : Ranking on the first page is must in order to earn from event blogging. If you ranking on second page of Google then you are doing something wrong.
  3. Keyword Finding : That’s the most important step in the Event Blogging. Choosing the appropriate keywords for your article is always the best part of blogging. If you choose the short-tail keyword which is very competitive, then it will be of no use. But if you go for a long-tail keyword then there will be higher chances of ranking. You can use different types of keyword planning tools for keyword researching.
  4. Sufficient Content : It is seen most of the time that Google or any other search engine give preference to that Blog which have sufficient content for the readers. At least 10 articles for an Event Blog is more than enough. Also try to write longer articles with proper keyword research.
  5. Google Adsense account : Last but the most important part for doing event blogging is that you should have a Google Adsense account. You may use other ad networks like Media.net but Adsense is the best for event blogs. All your other efforts will be in vain if you have not any pre-approved Adsense account.

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Why most people do Event Blogging rather than full time Blogging?

There are many people who are deeply interested only on the Event Blogging especially the SEO experts. Most of them consider the event blogging as the best in comparison with the regular base niche blogging. There are several reasons for that. Some of them are :

  1. Lack of time : Most of the bloggers have not so much time to spend on a regular basis blogging. Here, I am considering those people who do blogging as a part-time. As Event Blogging is a small time blogging so most of the people prefer doing it.
  2. Success in small time : I have most of the people doing Event Blogging and getting high success in small time. Considering an event of maximum of 3 days, you can earn upto $5000 within that period if your blog ranked on first page of Google.

Is Event Blogging safe? Why not everyone doing Event Blogging?

Now, after reading the above passages, two questions must have arisen on your mind. First, is Event Blogging safe? And second, if it gives so immense success within that short time then why not every blogger not doing event blogging?

Yes, these question might have strucked in your mind. But, I have a clear answer for you. First of all I want to clear your doubt about the event blogging. It is all safe. Why to consider it as illegal? It is not other than a niche blogging but here your niche is a micro-niche. You are all safe in it. And if you are thinking about Adsense penalizing you with so much earning within short period, forget about that. Adsense will not penalize you until or unless you break its terms and conditions.

Second thing. Do not ever think Event Blogging as a cup of tea. It is as much competitive as any other type of blogging. The competition is very high. You can check it yourself by searching any event based keyword. There will be thousands of results for it. That’s why everyone does not show interest in it. There are very less chances of getting ranked on event keywords but once you do, then you can make a decent total out of it.

The Final Opinion

That’s all about the event blogging and how you can work on it and earn a huge amount of money within short time. You can try it yourself in any upcoming event and see the result yourself.

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  1. Well as you said, the sky is the limit. If your time is limited than Blogging might not be the right thing for you since your success will not be coming from alone. You need to invest time not only to write your blog, you need also time to make it famous

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