Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging

How Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging?

If you are about to start a blog or have put a step in blogging then you must be familiar with the name Harsh Agrawal. He is a brand in blogging in the world. His how to blogs have helped many young bloggers and have inspired many to accomplish a career in blogging. His blogs like Shoutmeloud, Shoutmetech and Shoutmehindi have made a revolution in blogging. But, have you ever wondered how a man with some dreams in life become so successful in blogging. How Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging.

Everyone in this world has some goals to achieve and a passion to follow. Some people go for the work to make their dreams come true. But, some make their dreams and passion their work. This is the case with Harsh too. He start blogging on the most common niches how to start a blog, SEO and managing the blog on the social media.

How Harsh started his Blogging career?

Harsh started to write his blogs on the blogspot domain right from the year 2008 after graduating in engineering. He would write the blogs because he liked to write. It was his passion. Not because he wanted to earn money. He didn’t even know that it could produce him that much amount of money in future. A work started of passion turns out be the most drastic change in his life. According to him, it took him just 2 months to receive his first income from Blogging. Seeing Blogging as an emerging field to describe him and earning a good money, he resigns from his job at well-known company to continue his Blogging career. After all who do not want hobby as a career!

What makes Harsh different from others?

There are millions of bloggers in the world who give blogging tips and write on blogging. But, Harsh stands alone in most of the keywords related to Blogging. So, it might be a question on most of the people’s mind that why Harsh is different from others? What makes him stand apart from the other Bloggers of the same niches?

Harsh has the simplicity in his blogs which is his key strength. He writes on the most common topics which all other people neglect. Besides this he has some other qualities which differs him from the others :

  1. Transparency : If you have ever visited his blog shoutmeloud.com, then you would have seen that he clearly shows all his details what he did that month, how he did it and above all he displays his earning reports from all the sources present.
  2. Simple words : Though he made sarcasm on his articles, the words he use are quite understandable. His articles are for the top english class people as well as for the newbies.
  3. The knowledge of SEO : It is not just his quality but his power which is clearly seen in his articles. This is an undoubtable thing that he is a master in SEO because it’s not an easy task to rank all the articles on the first page of the search results.
  4. The Blogger for the Bloggers : Everyone write blogs to help people understand things but, Harsh writes to make other bloggers understand about Blogging. So, if you are a beginner in Blogging I recommend you to read his blogs. It will definitely help you.

Can anyone become famous like Harsh Agrawal?

The final question after displaying Harsh’s little journey is that any other Blogger can get the same name and fame as Harsh got? Can anyone start from zero and reach that height which Harsh has got?

The answer lies within your capabilities. If you have a strong will mixed with the art of SEO and attractive Blogging then, no one would stop you from accomplishing your goal. You may not reach that position which Harsh has secured but at least you would be a brand like him. I think now you have known how Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging. Remember fame matters the most!

The conclusion

If you have a little bit inspired or motivated after reading this article then, I think my work is successful. I write this article just to get inspired and help the other Bloggers like me who want some motivation in the field of Blogging. I hope you this article. If so, please share it with your friends and feel free to comment below. You can read our other articles here.

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