IIT-JEE 2018

How to crack IIT-JEE 2018?

Every year about 15 lakh candidates appear for JEE mains. Out of which about 1,50,000 students are able to give JEE advanced. And the big thing is, only 11000 students are selected to enter the prestigious IIT’s and ISM. This gives us a rough sketch of how competitive the IITJEE entrance exam is.

The general notion is that the JEE Advanced is a difficult examination and the questions are complex and tough and only top IQ students are able to crack it. But, this understanding is totally wrong. It is only a test which examine your mental ability and time management ability. Thus, to achieve maximum success one has to have great examination temperament besides good problem solving skills and knowledge of the subject. To crack JEE advanced one needs to follow some guidlines and rules.


  1. Self- motivation : The very first thing that is needed is self motivation. It is the thing which comes from your inner side. Nobody can force you to study, to play games, to watch movies. All you need is self motivation. If you are good enough to control your desires and internal possession dreams, half of your work is completed.

2. Proper guidance : After having motivated towards aim, you need to have a guide. A good guide can solve half of your queries without putting you in stress. If you feel stressed or mentally depressed, then there must be some fault in your guidance. Cracking IIT is not a bed of roses. It need hard work and devotion towards the subject. So, a good guide can help you in that field.

 3. Smart work and hard work : You have come across in life with people who are very poor at particular field but have done considerably well in that field. It is due to their smart work rather than the hard work. Keep in mind that how the work is done mattered not how much work is done.

4. Time management skills : Some students are extremely well in studies but their question paper remains unsolved. It is because they have less sense of time management. Keep in mind that time management is much important as having knowledge of any subject. To crack IIT, you need expertism in time management. For it, you have to do as much practice of solving the sample papers as you can. This would might help you in enhancing your time management skills.

 5. Best study material : This is the most important thing required to crack any exam. Without a proper study material, all the above mentioned tips would be in vain. For the JEE preparation you can use books recommended by toppers or your teachers as well. A good study material can change your thinking perspective over any topic. Also it can boost your understanding skills.

6. Exam handling strategy : The last thing you need to focus upon is your strategy or your way to handle pressure during exam. If you have taken lead in the exam, then you need to recheck your answers. Remember every number has it’s value. One mark can create difference. So, monitor your answers and check for any silly mistakes, if done.

These are some tips which can probably open the door for IIT’s for you.

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