Infolinks review- Is it as good as Adsense?

Hello friends. I have seen many people getting disappointed after having rejected by google Adsense. It is not to mention thing that Google Adsense is probably the best advertising network in the world. But, it has some cons too. It never encourages new publishers and before that it is really a tough game to get approved by it. So, for those people who got rejected by Adsense I had already written an article about some alternatives of it.

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Here, in thing article I have come up with one of the alternatives of Adsense – ‘Infolinks’.

What is Infolinks? How it works?

Infolinks is a monetizing platform you have heard about whenever you have searched the alternatives of Adsense. It is one of the best alternatives of Adsense. Unlike other alternatives, it does not cover your space for showing ads. Instead of it, it turns some of the text of the article into links and whenever someone hover over it, ads are shown and you get paid for it. That’s the procedure of it. It is a CPC/ CPM based ad network. So, you will get paid whenever anyone clicks on the ads as well as when anyone merely see the ads. Besides the above mentioned method, there are some other ways by which ads are shown. The various ways in which ads are shown are given below.

1. In Text ads

2. In Tag ads

3. In Frame ads

4. In Fold ads

So, you see how perfectly the ads are displayed in your post. That’s the beauty of Infolinks!

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Why to choose Infolinks?

Friends, most of you are well aware of the strict policies and guidelines of Adsense. It may take about 1 month if your blog is too good to consider to get approved by Adsense. For some it may take about 6 months and for some a year. On the other hand, Infolinks, being a publisher friendly ad network, is easy to use and get approved almost within 72 hours. It does not take your blog space like other ad network and fit in all types of blogs.

Is there any cons of using Infolinks?

Infolinks has made many bloggers fully dependent on them by giving a huge amount of money as salary. This ad network works well with publishers having traffic from US, Uk and other western countries. But, if you are an Asian based publisher you may not get fitted into it. You will get low CPC and CPM as compared to the publishers of western countries. So, it finds a drawback when it comes to Asian publishers having local traffic.

Can we use Adsense Along with Infolinks?

The most awaited question of the article is here – ‘Can anyone use Adsense with Infolinks’?

The answer is Yes. You can use any other ad network along with Adsense unless it breaks Adsense guidelines. So, using Infolinks is like icing on the cake for those who have their Adsense account approved. But, remember too many ads on your posts can rude your readers.

So, that’s all about Infolinks. I hope you like this article. If you have any queries or suggestion regarding Infolinks you can comment below.

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Thanks for reading!!!

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26 thoughts on “Infolinks review- Is it as good as Adsense?

  1. Nice to know more about info-links to monetize your website. It appears Adsense is more popular online and is brought by google. There are a number of different options in it as compared to info-links. However it is your choice to choose the right method. Thank you.

  2. Although I need to finish getting my custom domain first, this was definitely useful. Especially when it comes to balancing the ads.

  3. I tried Infolinks a long time ago and I’m still not sure how good it is. Your post is great, I will take another look! Thanks! Every information is valuable.

  4. I have been waiting to get my Adsense account approved and am looking for other ways to monetise my blogs. Thanks for this post.

    1. Yes, infolinks are actually reader friendly ads. You can try them along with adsense ads too. If you gonna try them., plz visit through my referral link as it will be helpful to both of us.

  5. Honestly, you are a great example to others. Exceptionally well written! It is rare to see a nice blog like this one these days. Thanks for the advice! awesome little bit of written content.

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