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I bet you have found the title a little bit funny. It’s something unusual on this site. As you all are well aware that recently Apple launched its three brand new Iphones. Iphone 8, Iphone 8+ & Iphone X (10). Apple did two strange things here. First, it broke it’s tradition of launching the ‘S’ and the ‘S+’ series. By Apple’s tradition. the Iphone 8 and the Iphone 8+ ought to be named Iphone 7s & Iphone 7s+ accordingly. And the second strange thing Apple did was it skipped the Iphone 9 and launched Iphone X directly before launching its Iphone 9 series. Well, Today in this article I will be discussing about the new Iphone X, which is the Iphone 10. What are the main highlights of Iphone X? What are its other specifications? The price at which it is available. And my honest views upon this new Iphone X. So, read this article completely.

The new Iphone – Iphone X

It is no doubt that the Iphone X is the latest Iphone available in the market. Apple launched this Iphone along with two other Iphones, Iphone 8 & Iphone 8+, on its 10 anniversary. Perhaps this Iphone is named Iphone X.

Specifications and features of Iphone X

This Iphone comes with a complete bezel-less screen. The frame is made up of stainless steel. The screen size is 5.8 inches with the Super Retina HD display. It comes with the resolution of 2436 X 1125 pixels. The phone is very very slim and tall as compared to the other 18:9 aspect ratio phones. Iphone X uses the A11 Bionic chip processor which has been updated this time as compared to the other Iphones. This time there is no home button on the phone. The screen starts right from the bottom of the phone and ends at the top of the bottom. This large screen adds to the beauty of this Iphone X. When it comes to the battery of this Iphone X, it is somewhere between the Iphone 8 and the Iphone 8 plus. It also supports the fast-charging option. But, you have to buy the fast-charging cable separately. This type the phone does not have a fingerprint sensor but healing it comes the Face ID lock. I will discuss about it separately below.


The phone has a dual rear camera of 12 MP with a wide-angle shot and a telephoto shot. The Apertures are F/1.8 & F/2.4. When it comes to the front camera, it has 7 MP camera with the ability to shoot photos even in the portrait mode. The aperture is F/2.2 for the true-depth front camera.

The Face ID – security at its best

This time the Iphone X does not have any fingerprint sensor. It comes with the more pro security feature i.e. the Face ID. It is enabled by the true-depth front camera for facial recognition. Apple says that this is the best security feature of this time. This smart lock recognise the face to unlock the device. This smart lock is able to recognise the face even if the shape of face changes with time or the beard grow/ clean shaved with time. So, this is a thumbs up feature of Iphone X apart from the other Iphones.

My Opinions about Iphone X

As far as I have written this article, I have mentioned all the specifications and features of this new Iphone X. Now if it comes to my opinions about this phone, I will suggest this as a not to buy phone. It comes with two variants one is 64 Gb and other one is 256 Gb. The prices are $999 and $1149 respectively. In this Iphone X, Apple has done something different from it’s other Iphones but the thing which haunts me is the price of this Iphone. The price again reached the sky limit which is only a thing to dream for middle-class peoples. There are a lot of positives from Apple this time but the price remains the same. There is also no LED notification light as always which also adds to the cons. The screen size is large, very large in fact. We could say it completely Bezel-less if there was not a small portion of bezel at the top-mid part of the screen. So, my honest opinion about this Iphone X is that you can buy it if you have the sufficient amount of money to taste this new Iphone. Dont’t ever think of selling your kidney for this! Also this Iphone costs more than a Kidney. (Don’t mind this)

You can pre-order this from October 27 this year and the delivery will start from the first week of November according to Apple.

The Conclusion

So, that’s all about this brand new Apple Iphone X. I have tried to be honest about this Iphone X. If you have any queries regarding this Iphone X you are free to comment below in the comment section. Also, I would like to read what you think of this Iphone X. You can read my other articles below.

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. Very sad to know that a phone is priced at 89k for 64GB and 1.02 L for 256GB. You can buy a new bike for this price. I know Apple fans will be angry, but i was an iphone 6s user. It would be great to wait and buy the phone after a price reduction. Instead of spending high amount of money in a phone…

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