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Friends, many of you might have heard about blog. But, do you know the procedure of making a creative blog? So, today I’m gonna tell you how to make a creative blog. I hope after reading this, you must be able to make a beautiful blog.

So, the first thing to make a blog is having a website. If you haven’t one, no problem. You may still go for free blogging by google. So, after making a website, you can start your career as a blogger. If you have decided to make your own blog, I must tell you the traffic in this field is no less than other professions. Your blog must be unique and easy to understand in order to find a spot among other blogs.

Here are some tips which might help you to create your own beautiful blog.

1. Your Blogging plateform

As I told earlier, you should decide in which plateform you have to write the blog. It can be a website or blogger from google. You should be confident of your plateform in which you are writing. If you like to go for trial purpose, I would suggest you to go for blogger as it is free to create and use.

2. Your content

The most important part of a blog is it’s content. The content must be powerful enough to change anyone’s prospective. After all ” Pen is mightier than sword”. Haven’t you heard it? You can use this book to start a successful career in blogging.

3. Your Blog design

If I can you would you like to see a colour photo or a black & white photo, which would you choose? It’s obvious that you would go for a colour photo. But in case of a blog, your theme and blog design must be as simple as it can be for higher SEO. You should use as more as three colours in your blog. Your blog must have a heading, a sub-heading and appropriate body content alongwith title.

4. Use of words

Remember, all your content is about how you use your words in your blog. Don’t go for heavy cumbersome words. Stick to the simple ones. Keep in mind, the language of your readers. If your language doesn’t match up with that of your readers than all your efforts would be in vain.

5. Goal of your Blog

Always make sure what is the goal of your blog. It should be matching with the content of your blog. Make a page of contact with you if any of your readers find any difficulty with your articles. That would be very helpful for the both sides.

6. Promotion of your blog

It’s the last step you have to follow. Promotion is the most important thing for a blog. If you are doing well in your blog and no one is there to read it, then it is of no use. There are many ways in which you can promote your blog. The power of social media is hide to none. Keep sharing your blogs and you will find some visitors for you.

So, these are the steps which might help you to create a beautiful blog and put you in limelight as well. Hope you find the article useful! Stay with us, for some more useful tips.


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  1. My blog theme is actually black & white, which is a simple, classic, and elegant design. I think that unless it’s done very well, a colorful theme can look amateurish.

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