Making Money with Dailymotion vs Youtube

Making money with Dailymotion vs Youtube

Most of the peoples that have come across this page have two questions in their mind. First, as a video maker what should be best for them between Youtube and Dailymotion. And second, how much money you can make with Dailymotion. People mainly focus on one thing and that is making money. Anyhow whether it is from the offline source or the online source. As you all know there is a lot of competition in making money with Dailymotion, Youtube or any other online industry. So, today I am going to talk about one of the most asked question in the video monetization industry “How to make money with Dailymotion”? Please read the article completely.

What is Dailymotion?

Most of you will be aware of Youtube. Dailymotion is also a video sharing website where you can upload your video content and allow the world to see it. Dailymotion is the second largest video sharing website after Youtube. As you know that Youtube allows you to share your video on its network and apart from it you can earn from its monetization criteria. But, very few are there who know that making money with Dailymotion is also possible. Yes, you read it right. There are lots of people who are earning upto 2 lakh INR (about 3000$) from the Dailymotion video monetization. Now, you will be aware how good it is apart from the Youtube earnings.

Making money with Dailymotion

Like any other monetization program you have to create an account in it. Creating an account is really easy. You can sign up through the e-mail address. Then, you have to verify it by confirming to the e-mail sent on your e-mail address. Once you have verified your account, then you can upload your videos from your dashboard. One thing I like to mention that your content should be original and it should not contain any inappropriate content. If your videos are original i.e. you are the owner of the videos, then only you will be able in making money with Dailymotion. If you do not follow their guidelines then your account can be terminated. So, please have a look at their guidelines before posting your video.

Applying for Dailymotion video monetization

Once you have verified your account and posted a minimum of about 15-20 quality videos, you can enable the monetization on your DailyMotion account. By the way, there is no such criteria of having a minimum number of videos on account. But, you can consider it for sure approval of your application. There are two ways of earning through Dailymotion.

  1. Dailymotion Partner program : It is the similar program like Adsense. In this program you have to upload videos and Dailymotion displays advertiser ads on your videos. Hence you earn money. It is that simple. But you have to follow some basic rules. Your content must be original and must be all yours. This program is for all the video uploaders. In this partner program you will receive about 70% of the revenue and the rest is kept by Dailymotion itself.
  2. Dailymotion Publisher Program : Unlike the first program, here you have to own a website to qualify for this program. You have to apply for this program after doing some sort of formalities like entering your website and other details. Then the application is manually reviewed by the employees at Dailymotion. If your application is successfully approved, you are sent with a confirmation email.

Earning through Dailymotion Publisher Program

You must be familiar with the first method of monetizing the video on your channel. It is just like the Youtube method of video monetization. Most of the people who use only the first method of earning say that it is hard making money with Dailymotion. But, here the second method is quite interesting and is something which you haven’t done before. Here you can earn through embedding the video on your website. You have to manage the website monetization option at your Dailymotion dashboard and turn it on. Then you have to paste the meta tag given from the Dailymotion in your website html under the body section. Once your website is approved, you can copy the Dailymotion code and paste it on your website widgets anywhere you want the videos to be shown. Everytime the readers of your site watch the videos, you’ll get the revenue. This is the way of earning through Dailymotion Publisher program.

Can you earn better in Dailymotion than Youtube?

Now, a question arises that can you earn better in Dailymotion than Youtube? Here, everyone has his own opinions. There are some who are earning better from Youtube while there are some who are making money with Dailymotion. But, if comes to an overall probability and the facts of earning, most of the people would recommend Youtube as a better source as compared to Dailymotion. It is due to the vast audience of the former one and better chances of popularity in it. But, nothing to worry. You can earn from both the sites as you can upload the same video both in Youtube as well as Dailymotion. There are no such guidelines that are violated by uploading the same video in both the platforms unless you are not the copyright owner of that video.

Tips that help you earn better from Dailymotion

Here are some tips which I have brought for you after some research which can help you in making money with Dailymotion.

  1. Try to make videos on daily basis : Everybody loves consistency. If you upload videos on daily basis, you can have a better audience.
  2. Make videos on Global language : As the majority of the audience is from the European countries, you should make your videos on English language. It can help you to get more views on your videos.
  3. Traffic from European countries : This point is quite similar to the previous one. If you have the European countries as your audience, it means high cpc ads will be shown on your video, which in return enhance your revenue.
  4. Embedding videos on your website : Embedding the videos on your website can help you earn more if you have a good traffic on your website. You can relate your channel and website and enjoy the revenue.

If you follow these tips, then certainly making money with Dailymotion will not be your problem anymore.

The conclusion

After writing that much about the Dailymotion monetization program all that I can say is that you can make a strategy between your Youtube channel, your Dailymotion channel and your website for the better chances of having the maximum earning. That’s all about making money with Dailymotion. I hope you enjoyed the article and your queries are solved. If you have any questions related to the article, you can ask me in the comment section below.

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