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Online business with no investment or minimum investment

   Every person in this world, using internet, has heard about the term ‘Online Business’ once in his/her life. Online business is a keyword which has made a million people liberal from the 9-6 job. You can think of your own what is better than earning from your home? The answer is nothing.

  The Internet has created a vast opportunity for those who really want to spend some time in it. Truly speaking, online marketing is not an easiest way to start a business but, it has settled millions of people worldwide. So,… too can do it.

Online business doesn’t merely stands for purpose like selling products online but there are some other opportunities too here.

Below are some oppurtunities which can be helpful to you.

1. Blogging

   Blogging over the years has come up as a prominent source of income. There are about millions of active bloggers in the world. There are several topics on which you can write a blog.This might help you on choosing some topics. Bloggers can monetize their website by google adsense, by affiliate marketing or by sponsorships.

2. Freelance writing

   If you have any interest in writing articles, blogs, storywriting, etc. then you may go for freelance writing. There are many websites present which can give you this opportunity. Some websites are,, and

3. Website Flipping

   Website flipping is a process in which you buy an existing website and then sell it for more profit. For this profession, you should have the ability of marketing. It is a good source of income. It also depends on luck. Sometimes you may have profit, sometimes you may not. There are some websites which allow you to do flipping like, and empire flippers.

4. Affiliate Marketing

   This is one of the best methods of earning online, and even if every other business idea mentioned here should fail (which is not possible), affiliate marketing will still be here for years to come. In Affiliate Marketing, you have to recommend any product to others via links or ads. When someone purchase any item from your given link, you will get some revenue as your share. 

5. Youtube

   Youtube is the best way to express your talent to others. But do you know, you can make money from your videos? Yes, you hear that right! Youtube emerges as one of the prominent ways to earn some money online. This requires zero investment. Linking your youtube account to adsense is all you have to do. Then you will get some revenue if there is some good number of views on your videos.

   So, these are some sorts of online business which can get you some money. Hope you find the article helpful! Stay tuned with us for some more stuffs like this.

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