Making a creative Blog

Friends, many of you might have heard about blog. But, do you know the procedure of making a creative blog?┬áSo, today I’m gonna tell you how to make a creative blog. I hope after reading this, you must be able to make a beautiful blog.

So, the first thing to make a blog is having a website. If you haven’t one, no problem. You may still go for free blogging by google. So, after making a website,

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What is Blogging?

Blogging in my opinion is the way in which you can freely express your views and can make money out of it, if you want to. Everyone is born with some talent. Some are geeks. Some are good in sports. Some in dance, music, etc. Like that some are interested in writing something, like me. So, this mode of writing something from your own is called a blog. It can be about anything. You may write your own story, something special happened in your life, news article, food, travel, sports, marketing,etc. Anything which you want to write, you may write. It is because a Blog is all about your own thoughts.

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