Iphone X or Kidney? All about Iphone X | My opinions

I bet you have found the title a little bit funny. It’s something unusual on this site. As you all are well aware that recently Apple launched its three brand new Iphones. Iphone 8, Iphone 8+ & Iphone X (10). Apple did two strange things here. First, it broke it’s tradition of launching the ‘S’ and the ‘S+’ series. By Apple’s tradition. the Iphone 8 and the Iphone 8+ ought to be named Iphone 7s & Iphone 7s+ accordingly. And the second strange thing Apple did was it skipped the Iphone 9 and launched Iphone X directly before launching its Iphone 9 series. Well, Today in this article I will be discussing about the new Iphone X, which is the Iphone 10. What are the main highlights of Iphone X? What are its other specifications? The price at which it is available. And my honest views upon this new Iphone X. So, read this article completely.

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Tez App by Google – Things to know about it

Google Tez has just completed two weeks of its launching. But it has brought a revolution in the history of online payments. It’s pretty simple to do transaction via this app. And when it comes to the security of data, no other app can beat this; afterall it is a Google product. In this article, I will share some information about this app. What Tez is? How you can do transaction via this app? What to do if your transaction does not complete successfully? And most important, how you can earn money out of it? These are the questions will be answered in this article. So, read it carefully till the end.

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Things to eat after doing Workout

Why people do Workout? Pros and Cons

There are different reasons to join the Gym. Some people join Gym to build up their body and remain fit forever. It is good to give some time to your body. But there is an other bunch of people too who join Gym only to look muscular . They think by doing heavy workout, people will get attracted towards them and they will get special treatments among the others. But. They are totally wrong. They do not know that by mistake they are playing with their body. And any silly mistake can give them severe body problems for lifelong. So, I suggest those type of people to do that much workout that your body is capable of doing. Otherwise, you can get some serious body pains, including back pain.

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Entrepreneur - a bright future ahead

Entrepreneurship – A bright future ahead

We all have come across a word ‘Entrepreneur’ once in our life. I bet you all have heard about Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata and many more Entrepreneurs in India. But, do you know the real meaning of Entrepreneur? Who an Entrepreneur is and what are the conditions for Entrepreneurship? So, today in this article you will get to know what an Entrepreneur is and how you can gain success in the field of Entrepreneurship.

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