qualify your website for adsense

How to qualify your Website for Adsense?

For most of the bloggers Adsense is the major source of income. It provides best targeted ads for your site. But, it is not that simple to qualify your blog or website for Adsense. It takes about six months or even a year to make website qualify for Adsense. But, some are lucky enough to get this approved within a week. So, in this article I will tell you some basic tips to qualify your website for Adsense.

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Best WordPress Hosting services for Blog

 The very first mistake which most of the beginners do is selecting an inappropriate wordpress hosting for their blog. Hosting which is not needed for your blog is of no use. My advice for the beginners is that to go only for that hosting service which is appropriate for your site and its content. A shared hosting plan is best for any beginner as it is not much expensive and cost less than 50% as compared to other managed hosting services.

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