protect your website from spam comments

Protect your website from spam comments

Hello readers. Most of the people who are landed on this page may be bloggers who are facing the problem as the title suggests, spam comments or in general, Spamming. Once in your blogging life, you must have witnessed the spam comments on your website. There are some ill components in the internet who do this sort of work. In this article, I will tell you how to protect your website from spam comments in WordPress.

What is Spam commenting or Spamming?

As a blogger, you have seen that many people have commented on your website with different names and different website names on it. Their comments are in no relation with your articles. These unwanted comments which have nothing relevant to your article are known as spam comments. Spamming also refers to the repetition of any particular comment. Now, you will ask that why people do spamming or spam comments in your websites? What benefit they get from it? Firstly, they have some automatic softwares or tools by which they do spamming. Sometimes Spamming is done in order to promote any product or service by getting the attention of the audience. But, here in Blogging most people do this to get backlinks by referring their website in the comments. Mostly the comment backlink is no follow but sometimes they get a do follow link from some blogs. Below I will tell you the best method to protect your website from spam comments.

Spam comments in websites
You can see here the repetitive IP addresses

How to check that you are getting spammed?

People ask that ‘how do they check that they’re getting spam comments’ or ‘is there any tool to check the spam comments?’ I want to tell you that if you see your admin dashboard on WordPress, you will get a clear view of spamming on your comments section. Mostly the spam comments are in repetition. But sometimes the spammer sends comment with different mail or name. The best method to check the spam comments is by looking at the IP address of the sender. If you see the same IP address most of the times in your comment section with improper comments, that will be your spammer. By identifying that IP address you can protect your website from spam comments.

How to protect your website from spam comments?

Look, there is a way for every problem in WordPress. If you are getting the spam comments more often, then you can block the IP address for sending you any further comments. For it, you have to go to the settings option on your admin dashboard and choose discussion. In the discussion menu you will get an option ‘comment blacklist’ down there. All you have to do is to copy the IP address from the comments section which you think is a spam and paste it here inside the box. Then save the changes made. You are all set. You can add as many blacklists as you want.

This is the simplest and the easiest way to block the spam comments and get rid of them. In this way you can protect your website from the spam comments.

I hope your problem has been solved now. If you find this article interesting, do share this with your friends. You can check our other articles here.

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