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How to qualify your Website for Adsense?

For most of the bloggers Adsense is the major source of income. It provides best targeted ads for your site. But, it is not that simple to qualify your blog or website for Adsense. It takes about six months or even a year to make website qualify for Adsense. But, some are lucky enough to get this approved within a week. So, in this article I will tell you some basic tips to qualify your website for Adsense.

First of all there are no tricks which will work to make your site qualify for Adsense. Remember, Google is clever enough to detect any invalid activity. So, beware of these kind of activity. I have personally saw many tutorials saying that tricks to get website qualify for Adsense in one day or two days. So, I request you not to get engaged in these sorts of activity.

Now, coming to the point. What are the different things to remember before applying for Google Adsense for your website?

How to qualify your Website for Adsense?

There is a procedure for everything. In case of linking your site for Adsense, you need to keep in mind certain things which will help you in doing so.

  1. Proper Content : Your site must have proper content to get qualify for the Adsense. Any advertiser would never go for site having improper content. Your site should also not contain any violent content or adds to sexual content. These things are strictly prohibited by Google Adsense.
  2. Time period : Time period matters in most of the cases. Basically a site having six months old get easily qualified than a site few days old. But some people are also there who get their site qualified only in one or two weeks.
  3. Decent Number of Posts : Google always wants to promote the site which has a decent no.of pages. For it, you need to write about 25-30 articles each having minimum 300 words. The more articles you have, the more chances of getting your account approved will be.
  4. More content less Graphics : Your site must have great content in order to get qualify for Adsense. Avoid the use of graphics like images and videos on your site. An illustrative image is fine but ,Google does not qualify sites having much area covered with images and videos.
  5. Use of Privacy Policy and Contact Us Pages : Whenever you open any site having ads by google on it, you will see pages like Privacy policy, about us and contact us. These pages give all the information about you and your site. So, remember to use these pages on your site.
  6. Simple Blog Design : You must have a simple blog design. Your background should be white and text should be in black. Heavy Blog design often leads to request rejection. So, try to stay with simple design.


So, these are some advises or tips to get your Adsense account approved. If your account is not get approved then you may go for other alternatives of Adsense. They are easier to get approved and help you make some money.

That’s all for the article. I hope you are able to understand the tips and find these tips valuable! You can check our other articles here.

Thanks for reading!!!

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6 thoughts on “How to qualify your Website for Adsense?

  1. All good to know information. I personally find blogs full of ads tacky. Do you know any other ways to generate income besides Adsense or affiliate links?

  2. Thank you this makes more sense. I am new to blogging and I am still learning about all of this and it is fun to know things from other bloggers. I will bookmark this as a reminder.

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