challenges to overcome with as a student blogger

Some challenges to overcome with as a student Blogger

Hello Guys! Today I have brought for you some problems which you may have faced or about to face as a student Blogger. There are various things which may affect your Blogging career but, if you are a student Blogger (like me), then there are some additional problems or challenges you might face. Here, in this article I have discussed some of these challenges you have to overcome to gain success in your Blogging career.

If considered as a whole, Blogging is not an easy task. You have to find new ideas/ topics everytime to grow your Blog. Your content must be different from others to find a place on search results. You have to manage time for yourself to innovate some ideas (unless you are a full-time Blogger).

Rather than these things if you are a student and running your Blog, then you have to face some other challenges as well.

Some Challenges to overcome with as a Student Blogger

Here are some challenges you have to clear for the smooth-running of your Blog :

  1. Time Management : It is no doubt that Time is the most important thing in everyone’s life. For a student mainly, Time Management is of utmost important. With other activities to do along with Blogging, Time Management becomes slightly difficult. So, be careful with your Time Management.
  2. Think less, work more : Every task is accomplished by trying andΒ working hard not merely by thinking of it. Every student think that he/ she will do that thing which he/ she is thinking to do but, at last they found that they did nowhere.
  3. Bad Friend network : I am damn sure that you all have a friend circle. Every group has some people which circulate negative thoughts within the group. I suggest you to keep yourself away from those. This will provide you good thoughts and energy to work more in your Blog.
  4. Getting Physically Tired : As a student Blogger, I must say that I have a lot of activities to do in the college. From attending different lectures to completing assignments, I get tired of all the stuffs. This is also one of the problem which a student has to overcome.

The Conclusion

These are some of the challenges which you have to overcome as a student Blogger. I hope you like the article. If you have any queries regarding the article, feel free to comment. You can find my other articles here.

Thanks for reading!!!

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16 thoughts on “Some challenges to overcome with as a student Blogger

  1. The biggest problem I faced as a student was time management but I finally got around to it. I made a post on it too but I wouldn’t trade my student experiences for nothing.

  2. These problems apply to working bloggers as well. I have a full-time job and time management can be a bit of a challenge for me.

  3. Highly appreciate your effort to manage your blog and studies in parallel. Well, I would say, the scene will be same if you are part time blogger who have 8 hours job. The scenario will be become more tougher if you are a parent πŸ™‚

  4. All the points are well expressed. I agree that it is important to get out of a negative network. It is important to surround yourself with positive people and vibes. Cheers!!

  5. Is very difficult as student keep blogging and gain tariffing every month, when Inwas student I had no time for it! Nice Post!

  6. I think Time Management is my biggest problem. Balancing life and being consistent as a blogger is not easy but doable. It is vital that we manage our time wisely so that we have a balanced life I believe.

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