Things to do before publishing your article

Things to do before Publishing your article

We all know how important is our article for us. For the Bloggers, their article matters the most for them. After all it is written with great efforts and after giving a lot of time in it. But, if there is even a minute mistake or problem in it, the article is considered a loss. So, in this article I have brought for you some things to do before publishing your article. I am sure that working with these will help your article to look more beautiful and free from any fault.
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Things to do before Publishing your article

Only a Blogger can know the worth of words and the time it takes to write an article. Here are some things to do before Publishing your article.

  1. Proofreading : In the haste of writing more or due to the lack of time, whatever it is, we do certain mistakes like ‘bloging’ instead of ‘blogging’. Or sometimes repetition of words also occur. These general can be solved by Proofreading of your article. You can Proofread it manually by yourself or there are also some tools for it. You can try them too.
  2. Using Exact Images : Sometimes it is seen that the author is talking about ‘top camera phones in world’ and using the image of camera or any other gadgets with it. This provides a bad impression in the readers’ mind. You should make sure that the images you are using are in accordance to the article or not.
  3. Recheck your article : After you have completed your article, do not immediately go for publish. Take your time. After all it’s your article. You should check it again and again for any sort of mistake. If possible, ask your friend to do so.
  4. Use attractive title and headings : You have heard many times that ‘the first impression is the last impression’. So, be cautious about the use of attractive and to-the-point titles. Also, try to make your paragraphs short within proper headings. By doing so, the readers do not get bored.
  5. Use of Meta tags, Meta description and Meta Keywords : After writing the article, you have to do a little work on the SEO of the article. You should write proper Meta tags, Meta description and Meta Keywords for your article. Your tags and keywords should be according to your article.

The Conclusion

These are some points or things to do before publishing your article. This will help your article to look more decent and eye-catching.

That’s all about this article. I hope you like this article. If you have any other points which you think can take a place here, then please mention them below in the comment section. You can check our other articles here.

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23 thoughts on “Things to do before Publishing your article

  1. Meta tags / descriptions / keywords are still something I need to get around. Would you have a blog post on this subject ? Help me understand it better.

  2. Very good advice. I let my testo stand for a couple of days, after that time I read it again and always change something. I also ask someone to read it and give me their opinion, sometimes we understand what we want to put but not others, it is important the vision of someone from outside.

  3. Good tips. The proof reading and also SEO work is always hard for me. Especially, proof reading when you looked over your article you often don´t see anything anymore and need some time to get a sort of distance. So you can go through it again with fresh eyes.

  4. Yes to all these points. Sometimes being in a hurry to publish just so you’ve posted an article is one of the banes of a bloggers life. Thanks for posting.

  5. Yes and sometimes you can do more. Unique content can help you to increase your credibility and your visibility on the web. Choose wisely to write something with a personal note, something you experienced and makes people think they read from you personally, choose not always a trending topic, sometimes it is important to write different

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