Top 10 Indian Youtubers ( Individual Category) July 2017

The level of internet usage has been rised a lot with the emergence of Jio in India. As Jio gives its free plans for about a year, many people started their career as a youtuber. A significant rise is also seen in the youtube views within a year. That’s the period when many new youtubers came into limelight and become a public icon in the youtube industry

. Apart from the Jio effect, it is their hard work which pay them this fame. But do you know who are the top 10 Indian youtubers right now?

Top 10 Indian Youtubers (Individual Category)

   Here, is the list of top 10 individual Indian Youtubers. These belong to entertainment as well as technical categories. So, presenting to you the latest top 10 Indian Youtubers July 2017 (Individual category).

  1. BB Ki Vines : BB Ki Vines is the most searched personality in Youtube India. There is hardly anyone who use Youtube and does not know him. Famous for his vines, BB Ki Vines a.k.a. Bhuvan Bam has a big fan following on youtube. He plays around 7-8 characters himself and record this using his phone’s front camera. Apart from making humour videos, he is also a singer and a guitarist. He has around 3,655,500 subscribers on Youtube.
  2. Vidya Vox : Vidya Vox fame Vidya Iyer is basically an Indian-born youtuber raised in U.S. She is basically a singer who sing cover songs alongwith the mashups. Vidya beautifully merges the bollywood songs into the english songs in her videos. She started posting videos on Youtube in March 2014 and now has a following of about 3,228,000 subscribers on Youtube.
  3. Sandeep Maheshwari : An entrepreneur by profession and a motivational speaker by passion. Sandeep Maheshwari is one of the best motivational speaker India has ever produced. He has seen many ups and downs in his life and that’s why he started Youtube to give a right direction to the youth. He has about 2,615,500 subscribers on Youtube.
  4. Nisha Madhulika : A homemaker can also get fame on youtube. That’s what Nisha’s videos tell us. She is one of the most popular chefs online. Her steps are very easy to follow and ingredients are too accomodable. She started Youtube at 2011 and currently has about 2,374,000 subscribers on her channel.
  5. Technical Guruji : If you have any queries regarding technology than Technical Guruji can help you. Gaurav Chaudhari has gain expertism in tech related topics and implement that in his videos. His ‘Chaliye shuru karte hai’ dialogue is just awesome. With his expertism in technology and confidence in speaking, he has seen a major growth on his channel. He currently has about 2,263,000 followers on youtube.
  6. Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana : Sanjeev Kapoor is considered as one of the finest chefs in the world. He has worldwide following due to his recipes. Besides starring in many T.V. shows,x Sanjeev has his own youtube channel and has around 1,574,000 subscribers on it.
  7. CarryMinati : This 18 year old boy from NCR has introduced a new formula to be successful in Youtube and that is roasting other youtubers. His ‘To kaise hai aap log’ starting theme has been used by thousands of other youtubers. Famous for making roast/rant videos Carry Minati a.k.a. Ajey Nagar has ability to perform in over 15 different voices. He has around 1,490,500 subscribers on his channel.
  8. Shirley Setia : Shirley Setia is an Indo-Kiwi singer (now moved to Mumbai). She became viral when she posted his so-called ‘pyjama’ song in a contest conducted by T-Series. From there onwards, she has been a role model for the new singers. She has about 1,450,000 subscribers on her channel.
  9. Vahchef – VahRehVah : VahChef fame Sanjay Thumma is a chef by profession. He became famous for his online recipes on his Youtube channel which he started in 2007. He currently has about 1,014,000 subscribers on his channels.
  10. Geeky Ranjit : Geeky Ranjit a.k.a Ranjit Kumar has made his fame on Youtube by giving his tech reviews and opinions to the people. He has a passion in technology since childhood. Ranjit is a down-to-earth man and that’s his simplicity which pays him such a huge fan following on his channel on Youtube. He has about 970,000 subscribers on his channel.

So, these are the top ten Indian Youtubers (Individual category). Hope you like the article! Stay tuned with us for more such articles. 

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