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Copyright free images for websites or Youtube videos | Where to get them?

One thing which matters the most for any youtuber or blogger is to find copyright free images for websites or the youtube channel. It is a thing to worry about that where to get copyright free images for websites or youtube videos. Many new youtubers/ bloggers have been searching about this most of the time in the forums. Now in this article I will be showcasing the complete list of websites where you can find copyright free images and use it legally in your videos or blogs.

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What are the copyrighted images?

First of all, we will discuss about the copyrighted images. What are the copyrighted images?

Copyrighted images are any images which are uploaded by user on the internet specially for his interest and commercial use. Basically, all the images you search on Google are termed as Copyright images. They are authorised by some user. You can use these images but you have to pay a sum to the owners for this. At first it feels offended to users that why the people do not provide the material for free. Why they copyright their products? But, when they are able to learn about the copyright materials, its value and importance; they are in favour of it.

The harms of using the copyrighted images

If you are using the copyrighted images for your videos or blogging then you are directly infringing the rights of the owner of that images. Just think about them who make their living on the basis of their images by selling them and someone copy paste their image and everything is over. So, Google is very strict about it and you can be in harmed if you do such thing in your blog or youtube videos. As, the owner can take a legal action against you.

Where can I find copyright free images for websites?

Now, directly telling you about the list of websites where you can get copyright free images for yourself and use them legally. So, the list is given below:

  1. Pixabay
  2. Gratisography
  3. Pexels
  4. Flickr
  5. Unsplash
  6. Picjumbo
  7. Splitshire
  8. StockSnap
  9. Imagesource
  10. IM Free

So, these 10 are the most useful sources for finding copyright free images for websites. You can use them even for commercial purpose. You are all safe in using these images.

That’s all about this topic of getting copyright free images. You can find my other articles by clicking here. If you have any queries or have any suggestions you can use the comment section below.

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