My Wordpress website deleted by using Website Builder

My WordPress website deleted by using Website Builder

Hey guys! Today I have a bad news and a good news for you. Starting with the bad news is that my website which I made on WordPress got deleted. My wordpress website deleted by using website builder. Actually it was a fully built website but by lack of knowledge I owned the Godaddy’s website builder plan for it. This caused an error in my website pages. My website was not opening even my dashboard of WordPress was showing error. It meant my website was deleted. But on the contrary, the good news is that I got it back and it is the same website in which you are reading this post.

How My WordPress Website deleted by using Website Builder?

Starting from the beginning, I visited my GoDaddy account and was seeing the plans. Then my eyes stuck in a website builder plan which was free for a month. By curiosity I took the plan and registered my domain on it (As I had never purchased a website builder plan before). There I made some changes in my website and not finding them well I opt back. But, when I went back into my website dashboard I saw it saying an error. OMG! I quickly returned to google and tried to open up my articles but they all were showing 404 error. I was repenting on what I had done.

What I did next to get my website back?

Filled with sadness, I tried to contact every blogging forums I had known but it gave me no good. Then I decided to call the GoDaddy customer care. There I told them my story. They told me that due to some technical problems my IP address was changed that’s why my site was not opening. They further told me to keep waiting for 24-48 hours for this problem to be solved. I was like floating on the clouds. You cannot imagine what happiness I was filled with. After two days, i.e. today, I called back to them and they solved the issue. And I am back on my blogging journey.

I hope you like the incident that happened with me. And I advice you to keep calm if you undergo with any such situation. That’s all for today how my wordpress website deleted by using website builder.

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Thanks for reading!!!

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