Must have Wordpress plugins

The must have WordPress Plugins to grow your Blog

As a Blogger, you all are aware that how big role the plugins play in building your blog. Everyone has his different point of view so they are many types of plugins suitable for different sorts of Bloggers. Some use plugins to help them in SEO. Some use them to connect socially. While some use them to make their task easier. Today, in this blog, I have some must have WordPress plugins for you to grow your blog. And I am confident enough to say that they will definitely help you in managing your blog. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a master in Blogging.

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Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging

How Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging?

If you are about to start a blog or have put a step in blogging then you must be familiar with the name Harsh Agrawal. He is a brand in blogging in the world. His how to blogs have helped many young bloggers and have inspired many to accomplish a career in blogging. His blogs like Shoutmeloud, Shoutmetech and Shoutmehindi have made a revolution in blogging. But, have you ever wondered how a man with some dreams in life become so successful in blogging. How Harsh Agrawal become so famous in Blogging.

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My Wordpress website deleted by using Website Builder

My WordPress website deleted by using Website Builder

Hey guys! Today I have a bad news and a good news for you. Starting with the bad news is that my website which I made on WordPress got deleted. My wordpress website deleted by using website builder. Actually it was a fully built website but by lack of knowledge I owned the Godaddy’s website builder plan for it. This caused an error in my website pages. My website was not opening even my dashboard of WordPress was showing error. It meant my website was deleted. But on the contrary, the good news is that I got it back and it is the same website in which you are reading this post.

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Using Google Keyword Planner

Boost your traffic using Google Keyword Planner

I want to ask you one simple question, ‘How many visitors do you have daily on your blog?’ If you have daily visitors up to 1000 then it is a good thing. But, if you have traffic less than 1000 per day even after spending about half a year and so then, there might be some problem with your keywords. A good keyword often leads to a good traffic.

Less traffic on the website is the biggest reason why most of the people quit blogging. Having less knowledge of SEO is the factor of gaining fewer visitors on the blog. But, what if I say you can boost your traffic using Google Keyword Planner.

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